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Wine Tasting is a gathering of friends for an informal tasting of favorite wines. Our Wine Tastings are normally held the 2nd Friday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in a member’s home. Reservations are requested by Tuesday prior to the event. Everyone is asked to bring food to share and their own wine glass. The cost of the wine is divided among the number of guests attending. The basic guidelines are attached. This is a FBFN group for both couples and singles. 

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FBFN Guidelines for Wine Enthusiasts – September 2015 

Wine tasting is normally the second Friday of each month from 7:30 – 10:30 p. m. However, if there is a conflict with the host’s schedule, the date might be changed to another day in the month. Information regarding wine tastings will be posted in the monthly newsletter and in an email announcement.  

WINE TASTING EVENT: Due to the entertainment space available, the host may limit attendance (minimum of 36 guests). Participants are expected to contribute for the expenses of the wine which is usually $15-$20/person. Everyone drinking wine is expected to donate the full amount of the wine tasting fee. There are no partial donations for just a few glasses.  A participant who does not drink wine will pay ½ of the donation amount and should  notify the host that they will not be drinking wine so wine will not be purchased for them.  Non-wine drinkers will bring their own beverage. All participants are to bring their own wine glass.  

WINE TASTING EVENT FOOD ITEMS: All members are to bring one hors d’oeuver or dessert to share for at least 15-20 people.  Hors d’oeuvers and desserts may be purchased but must be appetizing and appealing.  Please keep in mind that participants view this food as their meal to accompany the wine.  Member’s guests will also bring a food item to share.  If a member is coming alone and invites one guest to accompany her, then that guest does not have to bring a food item.  Hosts may purchase a food item (ham, turkey, BBQ, etc.) to enhance their event but cannot add any more than $3/person for the cost of the food item.  

RSVP's : Members are to RSVP as soon as possible in order to reserve a space for the event.  Once a host reaches her attendance limit, she may have a waiting list in case of cancellations.  A participant must notify the host at least 24 hours prior to a cancellation.  Participants who do not notify the host about cancellations are expected to send the host the amount of the donation of the wine for the number of her RSVP’s.  Refusal to send the hostess the amount of the donation will cancel her participation in the wine tasting group.  

GUESTS: Guests may attend wine tasting up to two times before deciding to join FBFN.  Hosts may invite as many guests, relatives, or neighbors as they want as long as they do not turn away FBFN members because of their attendance limit.   FBFN members who are guests must commit to join the group after attending three times.  Please do not invite FBFN members over and over again.   

HOSTING AND CO-HOSTING:  Each member is expected to host or co-host a wine tasting once every two or three years depending on the number of wine tasting participants.  Each member who is married or has another person living with them (wine tasting participant) is expected to host a wine tasting at their home or another venue.  Members may assist friends in co-hosting but they must still take their turn as individuals.   Members who are single and have no one to help them host may get with other members in the same situation and co-host a wine tasting.    No more than 5 single members are to co-host at one time.  

WINES: Hosts are to purchase at least five different wines (two white and three red) for the event. Hosts are to select wines they enjoy because there may be a few extra bottles left unopened the night of the wine tasting event.  Please use the formula of ¾ of bottle consumption per person when figuring out the cost of the wine for the tasting.  Hosts are to send a copy of the RSVP’s and a copy of the wine flyer depicting cost of wine to the chairperson before the event.  Hosts are not to charge more than the cost of wines consumed.  We are a social group and are not selling our wines for a profit. 




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