We are able to trace the beginnings of Bridge back to the early 16th century.   At that time it was played by the British and was called Whist. The first book devoted to Whist appeared in the year 1742.  It was called Edmond Hoyle's Short Treatise and according to all players of the time, became a best seller. The first game of duplicate Whist was played in London in the year of our Lord 1857, and the systems used eliminated much of the luck involved in which hand each player was dealt..

In the following centuries, Whist went through stages of evolution and actually became popular with all classes. With the migration towards the New World, sailors and immigrants brought their card games as very popular ways to pass time. Around the 1890's the game of Bridge was introduced to the United States. The rules of the game underwent many changes made by its players, who have in the time since, have become the pioneers and forerunners of the game of Bridge. Mr. Harold Vanderbilt did much to perfect a system in 1925. He introduced rules, principles, treatments and even a scoring table. His established rules became so popular that his game of Contract Bridge was adopted by the majority of players.

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